Goodbye 2013, Hello New Year Z – Hopes For My Baby Girl in 2014

It’s official, Baby Z is no longer a baby anymore. On December 20, she turned two and joined the toddler club. Perhaps it’s because she’s the youngest of the family that I still feel like she’s still a baby. It could also be that she still loves to cuddle the same way she did when she was an infant. Most likely I’m just in denial that my baby is growing up quicker than I can savor the moments. 2013 was an amazing year for her. I hope 2014 will be just as spectacular.


Goodbye 2013, Hello New Year Z - My hope for you in 2014



My dear Baby Z,  —”Toddler Z” just doesn’t sound as cutesy — I hope that these following years of toddlerhood will be magical and full of wonders. You don’t know it yet, but these years are the start of the best years of your life. Your personality and tenderness carved a very special place in my heart so far, I can only imagine how much more my love for you will grow and grow and grow.

I hope you remember that family always comes first.

I hope you will continue to want to hold my hand.

I hope your DIY attitude and creative gene will grow right along with you.

I hope your love of books will never cease.

I hope you will explore more and more of this incredible world.

I hope you always realize that you are my sunshine, my only sunshine.

In 2014, I hope you know that you’ll always be my baby.

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