Go Baby Go! How We’re Teaching Baby to Become Mobile

Now that Judah is ten months old, we often get asked if Judah’s crawling yet. We’ll shake our heads and say, “No, not yet – but he sure is trying!” And then almost immediately, we get told to hold onto these immobile days as long as we can, because as soon as he’s mobile, Judah will literally start running circles around us before we know it! Both my husband and I weren’t big into crawling when we were babies (or so our parents tell us); and tummy time was always a battle with Judah, that we wouldn’t be surprised at all if he crawls for very little and starts walking instead.

Here’s how we’re teaching our baby to become mobile by making it a part of his playtime as much as we can.

There was a time when we were convinced that Judah was only going to get from point A to point B by way of rolling. He’d roll around everywhere! It got to the point where my husband, Larry, and I thought perhaps we should be more intentional with teaching Judah how to crawl. We would get on our hands and knees and show him what to do… but he wasn’t ready just quite yet.

Now Judah doesn’t roll as much anymore, but he’s mastered the art of getting comfortably into the crawling position… and then basically flopping down onto his belly. Larry and I started to take a tag-team effort to help him out: one of us would be in front of him shaking a toy while the other would be behind Judah, pushing his legs. But Judah can be one stubborn boy and would fight us the whole time!

Sometimes toys work to motivate him to move forward. Or sometimes, we use more enticing rewards, like a row of puffs!


Since we live in a 200-year old colonial, our wooden plank floors are pretty slick. We noticed that Judah had a hard time getting a grip with his legs and feet whenever he was wearing pants and socks, so we’ve adopted a no-pants, no-shoes rule during playtime to help give Judah that extra little grip to help propel himself forward.

Judah does crawl a teeny tiny bit, but usually in very short spurts of no more than half a dozen scoots forward. Now that he’s learned how to sit himself up, we get a lot of scooching. But we’ve discovered what he really wants to do… he wants to stand!

Judah loves to pull himself up to the coffee table, the couch, or in his crib. He made a huge leap in mobility the other day when he walked himself around most of the perimeter of his crib, holding onto the edge for dear life as he made one wobbly side step after another. It was pretty amazing to watch!

So, as much as we’d love him to crawl, I’ve got a hunch that he’ll be walking a lot sooner than he’ll be crawling for any length of time… we’ll just have to wait and see! Until then, we soldier on finding opportunities to teach Judah how he can be mobile. Larry and I both agree that we can see on Judah’s face that all he really wants to do is run around and explore everything – we just need to work on the mechanics.

When did your baby learn to crawl? How did you help them learn? Share your baby mobility tips in the comments!

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