Go, Baby Go! 6 Disney Potty Training Systems

Now that Z is 2, we have officially reached the potty training stage of her life. With two older daughters, I’ve been down this road before and it was a pretty smooth ride. Zaynab, on the other hand, is a totally different story. She’s just not interested at all. She seemed to be excited when purchased her little undies, set up her sticker chart, and set up her little potty seat. But when nature called, Z didn’t answer.

Her underwear is cute and colorful. The stickers were plentiful and shiny. But her potty seat, well, it was just plain white and looked way too much like Mama’s potty to intrigue her.

Perhaps if I go with one of Disney’s Potty Training Systems, I’d have a much better chance! Check out this collection of fun Disney seats featuring many favorite characters that will entice your little one to go just like a big boy and girl!


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