Giving Thanks for the Little Things, Magical Moments & Priceless Memories

Since writing this post last year, I’ve been trying to make a daily habit of jotting down the things that I’m grateful for. Some people call it a gratitude journal, while others call it a ‘Thankful List.’ It’s been a fun exercise for me and makes me smile every time I flip through it. Raindrops, flower petals, my daughter’s laugh and early nights are some of the simple things that bring a tremendous amount of joy to my day. With the go, go, go of daily life and the endless household duties, chores, and work in general, it’s important to revel in the joy life brings.


Several weeks ago, we took a family trip to St. Joseph Island, Ontario. Located in Northern Ontario, Canada, this little island is home to many historic sights and memories from the past. During our trip I had an epiphany. My hands were free from electronic devices and full of sticky hands and grass-stained clothes. There was nowhere else to be, I was in no rush “to do,” and in that moment, it hit me. This is what life is all about. It’s about the magical moments that surround you, day in and day out. The ones you can’t see because you’re too busy thinking of tomorrow instead of today.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. The magic is in family. It’s in those little moments spent with the people you love the most.

2013 was filled with magical moments and priceless memories! Here are the 10 I’m most grateful for.

  • Siblings


    I am so incredibly grateful that I’ve been blessed with more than one child. My three kids are best friends until the end. They put each other first above anything and love each other passionately. It’s beautiful to watch and brings me to my knees.

  • Real Hugs

    Real Hugs

    There are hugs and then there are really good hugs. The ones that you can feel all the way down to your toes. The squishy, cuddly, tight ones are the best!

    Babies and younger children are the best hug givers and receivers, you know why? They invented the perfect hug.

  • Nature


    We spent a lot of time outside this year, discovering the wonder of nature. It was a gift both to me and my children. There is nothing quite like watching a frog hop from one lily pad to another.

  • Little Hands

    Little Hands

    They fit perfectly in the palm of your own hand. Each finger and fingernail is perfect, every line exquisite, and the softness is one that can’t be matched.

  • Daddies


    There is nothing quite like a daddy’s love. He loves hard, he plays hard, and he protects like it’s nobody’s business — and yet underneath it all, he is just one big teddy bear.

  • Books


    These gems transport you to fairytale kingdoms and magic forests. While you’re reading between the pages, you can do pretty much anything you can dream of.

  • A Child's Style

    A Child's Style

    A fedora with a Mickey Mouse shirt and plaid shorts. Squiggly print dresses with flip flops and a leopard print hat. A sparkly beret paired with a white tee, hippy skirt and leather shoes. All three of those outfits could never be created by a stylist or a parent. It’s child style all the way!

  • Friends


    Friends are a blessing that keeps on giving. Don’t take them for granted! Love them, cherish them, and spend time together as your schedules permit. Lifelong friendships are priceless.

  • Tea Parties

    Tea Parties

    Have you ever had a tea party? If not, you totally should. They are underrated. Tea parties give you the chance to dress up, chat about your day and enjoy treats (make believe ones are the best because you can eat as much as you want without getting full).

  • Pets


    We don’t have a pet… yet, however this year I’m grateful for the pets of others. This summer, my son has fallen in love with dogs and watching him play with these friendly animals has been one of the highlights of my year. He’s the baby animal whisperer.

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