Giving Thanks for Sisters, Aunts & Siblings


Kind, loving and supportive family members are ones that should be cherished.

Two of my sisters came to visit our family last weekend and we had such a wonderful time together. The best part of their visit was watching the way my son and daughters interacted with them. Watching my children’s faces light up with animation as they talked about their toys, jewelry, trucks, dolls and cars, while their aunts listened intently was too cute for words. My son’s pride as he held his aunt’s hand while they crossed the street together was something that will remain embedded in my memory forever. It was as if my heart took a snapshot.

It’s special, because those are the same siblings you grew up with, teased, bickered and shared a life with for the first chapter of your life. Family rifts can happen, but sisters (and brothers) are for life. You share more than just DNA; they’re the ones who knew you the best before you spread your wings and the ones that you should hold close to your heart.

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