Give a Christmas Gift Baby Will LOVE

One of my favorite baby stages is when they are old enough to laugh and giggle and sit up straight, but when they’re still not walking or getting into every single thing. It can be hard to find the perfect present for a baby at this stage. The Disney Cars Ready, Set, Go Activity Jumper will be a gift your baby will LOVE. Your little one can bounce around in this fun jumper while playing with all of the gadgets and doodads that are attached. (This is a great activity to use while making dinner or doing laundry!)

The jumper includes a steering wheel that activates lights, sounds and fun melodies, bead chaser with colorful beads and spinning drum, Guido character squeaker and Mater toy. The jumper’s seat rotates a full 360° giving Baby full access to all toys. Additional link loops make it easy to add Baby’s favorites. With five adjustable height positions and a padded high back seat, your little one will always be ready to race off to playtime.

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