Things No One Told Me About Being a Girl Mom

I was a little girl not that long ago (okay, maybe a LITTLE longer ago than I want to believe). So when I ended up with a daughter of my own — and then three more after that, for a total of four little girls — I figured I knew what I was getting myself into.

It turns out that being a MOM to little girls is a whole lot different from being a little girl yourself.

These are five things no one told me about being a girl mom:

1. You will spend a ridiculous amount of time doing hair. I am not doing fancy hairstyles over here – we’re talking mostly a single braid or a pair of ponytails – and still it takes forever to get all three girls looking presentable each morning. I’m so glad my fourth daughter is still an infant and all I have to do is slip a headband over her ¼-inch hair. I’m a little envious of the boy moms who can just give everyone a buzz cut every month or two.

2. Glitter will be everywhere. It is like the stuff grows in the night. And every mom knows that glitter is impossible to get out of carpet. Or anywhere else, actually.


3. They care DEEPLY about what shoes they wear. I should have seen this coming because I too love shoes, but… I didn’t realize that they would each select a single pair of shoes that they loved with all their hearts and refuse to wear any of the other half dozen pairs of shoes they own. Lose that single pair of $1 flip-flops and your life is over.

4. There will be a lot of tears. I don’t remember crying this much as a child, but now I’m afraid to ask my own mother if there was this much crying in our three-girl household. Because we could alleviate the drought conditions of several large territories with the tears produced over here each day.

5. The talking will NEVER stop. At swimming lessons this week, the swim instructor laughingly told me, “Your daughter just doesn’t stop talking!” And it’s true for all of them. Pretty much from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed, they are chat-chat-chatting. My husband jokes that when he comes home from work, it’s just a barrage of all of us trying to talk to him at the same time, so maybe they come by it naturally.

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