Getting Ready to Potty Train | 5 Items We’re Stocking

Our little man has started to show all the signs of a toddler ready to start potty training. You can imagine our excitement! So we’ve been doing some research and stocking up on some items that we think are going to make the process easier and more fun. Click through to see…

  • Getting Ready to Potty Train with Disney!

    Getting Ready to Potty Train with Disney!

    It’s almost that time! The big boy potty is on the horizon in our household. Here are the five things we’re stocking up on to get ready.

  • Huggies Pull-Ups

    Pull up undies with the characters from our son’s all-time-favorite movie on it? You bet we’ll be using these to get him excited about wearing them and keeping them dry. (We don’t want Lightning McQueen all wet now, do we?)

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  • Cars Racing Mission Potty System

    Our son is obsessed with Cars, and even though he isn’t quite ready to fully start potty training just yet, he loves pretending by sitting on his Cars potty and pushing the little button when he gets up to hear the “zoom” sound effects.

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  • Special Potty Treats in this Cars Snack Container

    Cookies, or maybe a few very small candies, are something we plan to have on hand as bribery … uh, I mean, incentives … for him to go in his potty. And with a fun cup like this, it will be easy to keep them around.

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  • Special Prizes for Staying Dry

    We don’t want all of his incentives to be candy or junk food related, so we’ve been thinking of having a fun little treasure box of toys. These Cars decals would be perfect, and we could stick them on the window of the car next to his seat!

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  • A Clean Hands Habit

    Luckily for us, he really loves washing his hands. So we are stocking up on foaming hand soap that is easy and exciting for him to use after he uses the potty.

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