A Tour of Our Gender Neutral Nursery

Well, they say third time’s a charm — and the saying was definitely true when it came to decorating and furnishing our third child Hayden’s nursery.

We started preparing the nursery just a few short weeks before his arrival, but with some careful planning and thought, as well as some last-minute hasty decisions, we ended up with a nursery that we not only love, but is truly functional and perfect for our whole family.  It has now become my favorite room in the whole house, and everyone else seems to agree since we all tend to gravitate towards it.

Here’s a little tour, with some details on what works and what we love about it.

  • I Love The Color Scheme

    The Gender Neutral Color Scheme

    Because we weren’t finding out the gender of the baby ahead of time, we wanted a gender neutral color scheme. For months I figured I had to settle for some sort of sage green, or all white or beige. When I was 36 weeks pregnant though I was hit with inspiration and decided to go all white with touches of beige and pops of really bright colors. We went with white walls, a first for us, and loved it so much we repainted our own bedroom white.

  • Custom Handmade Quilt

    Custom Handmade Quilt

    With my other two children I had just bought the standard crib blanket that matched the bedding, but I knew I wanted a larger quilt this time because I thought it would get more use. I am so happy I made the choice of a quilt because we do in fact use it everyday. And because the color theme was a bit unique for a nursery, I decided to have a quilt custom made for the room, and I couldn’t be happier with how it came out.

  • Play Time On the Quilt

    Play Time on the Quilt

    Everyday we set the quilt out to do tummy or read books, and especially play. When the quilt is out, the older siblings see it as a welcome sign to come play with baby brother, and so it has sparked a lot of fun memories already.

  • I Love The Size

    The Large Quilt Size

    Because the quilt is larger than a standard crib blanket, all three siblings fit on it and it has become a favorite spot for taking pictures of not only the baby, but all three kids together, as seen here on Christmas morning.

  • The Addition Of A Kids Chair

    The Addition of a Kids' Chair

    This chair was almost thrown out because it was the final standing piece of a 5-piece children’s table and chairs set. It was in need of some screws and some TLC, but after a fresh coat of paint it has become a very fun and quite useful addition to the room that gets tons of use.

  • Reading Time

    Reading Time

    The chair is used every day. Whether it’s used as a spot to sit on when coming in for a quick visit to baby brother, or in this case, a reading chair so my daughter can read him a story. The chair has told the kids they’re welcome in the nursery and invited to come in, have a seat and stay a while.

  • Changing Time

    Changing Time

    I think I love it the most though when my daughter uses it to stand on so she can change her baby brother’s diaper. It has been so nice having an extra set of hands (and legs) when it comes to the chair. Adding this chair was one of the best things I could have done, and of course when Hayden is older he’ll get a lot of use out of it too!

  • The Dresser As A Changing Table

    The Dresser as a Changing Table

    To make room for a very important addition that you will see later, we had to make a decision about the changing table. We already owned one and theoretically it would have fit in the room, but it would have been tight. Reluctantly we decided to see how it would go having the changing pad on top of the dresser, and you know what? It has worked out great! We love that 1 piece of furniture is serving 2 purposes, the room is now more open, and we donated the changing table to a family in need. A win-win all around.

  • A Cost Effective Rocker

    A Cost Effective Rocker

    With my first born we invested in a rather expensive glider for the nursery, and was able to continue to use it when our second child was born. Five years later, that expensive glider had already been passed on to another family member so we needed a rocker. Because Hayden is our last child we decided to go save money and get just a simple, inexpensive rocker and I’m glad we did.

  • The Nursing Poof

    The Nursing Pouf

    A couple of weeks after my son was born I realized I needed a little nursing stool to prop my feet up on. I went the nontraditional route and got this pouf to serve the purpose and it has been quite the fun addition to the room. The older kids love to use it to roll around on (when I’m not feeding of course). It has become quite the useful distraction for the older kids when baby is fussy or needs his 10th diaper change of the day.

  • The Dimmer

    The Dimmer

    Previously we had always used a night light in the kid’s rooms, but this time installed a dimmer and I love it! Now the room stays dark at all times except when I need a bit of light for middle of the night feedings. It is also perfect for bed time when it’s time to settle down and be calm for the night.

  • Wall Shelving

    Wall Shelving

    We love books in our home but we didn’t end up having space for a bookshelf. I added these wall shelves though to add some books and nick-knacks, and eventually when the crib goes away we can add a proper book shelf and use these for displaying art work and family photos.

  • A Quiet Mobile

    A Quiet Mobile

    I decided this time around to buy a quiet mobile that didn’t light up or play music and so far I love the simplistic quality of it. Hayden will lay there for a solid 20 minutes just looking at the brightly colored pieces gently swaying about. Of course we do have some fun interactive toys to use for tummy time and play time, but I’ve definitely appreciated having this calm and quiet toy in his crib when he just needs to settle down and not get too stimulated.

  • A Place To Rest!

    A Place to Rest!

    My absolute favorite part of the nursery is the addition of a twin bed. I have rested, fallen asleep and got many solid hours of sleep in this bed in just the short 4 months since Hayden was born. When nights or naps are tough, it has served as a welcome relief to rest my weary head, instead of getting up and down and walking back and forth from my room to his. Adding this bed was such a smart move, and if you have the space in your nursery, I highly recommend it!

So if you could change anything about your baby’s nursery, what would it be?  Or did you get it right the first time (or the third time like us)?  Please share!

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