The Secret to Getting Our Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Without fail, around the time they were four or five months old, all three of our babies seemed to have a sleep regression. They became more wakeful during the night, but even worse than that, they began waking up — and I mean really up, like for the day — at such an early time, I didn’t recognize the numbers on the clock.


Lucky for me, my husband (who perhaps was getting a bit more sleep than I was), remembered that there was a solution that worked for our first. And second. And, now, third.
Sleeping through the night

Huggies OverNites.

Yes, it was really that simple. By using these extra absorbent diapers — in a size up from their daytime diaper size for some reason — all three of our babies started sleeping more peacefully, and later. Whether the wet diaper was to blame for their wakefulness, or if once they were awake, they couldn’t get comfortable again due to the wetness, it worked. Like magic.

Who knew diapers could be the secret to my sanity?

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