Fill In With a Caption: (My Baby Girl Is a Little Joker)

My baby girl is at the age where I really should probably stop calling her a baby girl. But just a little while longer yet, mmkay?

Her personality is developing into a magical (and heady) mix of diva-esque independence, (read high frequency melt-downs), sweet charm and silly humour.

One of her favourite things to do over the past week is to make exaggerated faces. Over and over again. Doesn’t get old. Fill in with a caption in the comments if you so desire…

Baby Making a Funny Face
I’ll go first. “Check out the size of that COOKIE! Must. Have. Cookie!!!”

Please. I’m having way too much with my baby/toddler girl these days. Even if she does fling herself on the floor every 2.5 seconds to wail about the latest travesty that someone (me), has bestowed upon her.

When did your baby(ies) personality really start to hit a curve? We’re at 21 months here and I’m having hard time letting her go into toddlerhood! And why is it so much harder to do this letting go than it was with my 1st?!

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