Fun With Little Ones: Play Dress-Up

If there is one thing I have always loved, it is an excuse to dress up. I adore getting dressed up fancy, in-theme, purely silly or otherwise. I am and will always be a sucker for a cute costume, which is why I’m thrilled that my daughter has begun picking up on my love of dressing up too! Recently dress-up has become a favorite activity of ours (I’m even hosting an fun Instagram challenge all about kids in costumes right now – check it out and join in @thelittlethingswedo #littlesincostume). As such, I thought I’d share some tips and tricks for making dress-up a fun (and affordable!) activity for you and your little one!

  • Fun For Little Ones: Play Dress-Up

    Fun For Little Ones: Play Dress-Up

    Playing dress-up is a fun and easy activity that you can enjoy with your little one. Here are a few tips and tricks to make it enjoyable!

  • Let them play their way

    Let them play their way

    Yes, I dressed up Fern in this particular outfit for photo-taking purposes, but aside from that, I just let her play with the props her own way. Imaginative play is just that: all about encouraging your little one to use their imagination. So, if your child wants to wear a headband as a belt or a swimsuit as a hat? Just go with it!

  • Don't spend a ton - get creative!

    Don't spend a ton - get creative!

    We already had some things in our dress-up stash, but all of the items you see in these photos cost just over $15 from dollar and craft stores. You can also thrift a ton of your dress-up pieces or pull things from your own closet. Get creative with it – you don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun!

  • Choose versatile pieces

    Choose versatile pieces

    I tried to choose items for dress-up that would be versatile and allow for mixing and matching. Yes, we have some complete costumes, but there also a lot of great individual pieces that will allow for changing it up.

  • Get in on the fun

    Get in on the fun

    Little ones LOVE when you join them in their play – especially when it comes to dress-up. I think Fern’s favorite part of playing dress-up is seeing me put on silly things and it’s a fun way for us to bond.

  • Add music

    Add music

    And, finally, if you really want to up the fun factor just add music. Singing and dancing in costume is infinitely more fun!

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