Fun With Little Ones: A Day at the Flower Farm

When you have little ones, it’s always fun to go out and explore and enjoy new activities together. There are a ton of great ideas on Pinterest and blogs, but sometimes the simplest things are the most fun and memorable. Such was the case when I took my daughter to our local flower farm. She LOVES to smell flowers and has a pretty extensive botanical vernacular – she can recognize and name dandelions, daffodils, tulips and camellias – so I knew she would love this outing. Within a 45 minute drive from Portland there is an annual tulip festival at a flower farm that runs through an entire month of spring, but somehow we managed to choose the day that ended up being rainy and muddy. Despite the weather we still had a lot of fun and I would highly recommend a trip with your little one to your local flower farm – or even just a garden center. She has a blast and there were plenty of great learning opportunities along the way! Here are a few photos from our day at the flower farm…

  • Fun With Little Ones: A Day at the Flower Farm

    Fun With Little Ones: A Day at the Flower Farm

    Looking for some spring time fun with your little one? Perhaps a day at the flower farm is just the thing!

  • Stop and smell the flowers

    Stop and smell the flowers

    Smelling flowers is one of my daughter’s favorite activities. We stopped at least a hundred times to smell the different varieties and to talk about the colors and shapes and types of flowers we were seeing.

  • Big shoes to fill

    Big shoes to fill

    “Mama, these shoes are too big!”

  • Silly faces

    Silly faces

    We stopped to pose for some mother/daughter flower face action.

  • Trying out new skills

    Trying out new skills

    My toddler is obsessed with umbrellas, so I let her try to out her umbrella carrying skills on this particularly rainy day. She was thrilled.

  • Getting acquainted

    Getting acquainted

    “Hi flowers!” (insert little toddler wave here)

  • Excited leaping

    Excited leaping

    As she ran from row to row of tulips she kept shouting out all the colors. It made me think what a great learning experience it would be for little ones who are just learning their colors!

  • All the flowers!

    All the flowers!

    “The flower farm has so many more colors!”

  • Muddy knees and muddy boots

    Muddy knees and muddy boots

    …Signs of a day well spent and a nap well-earned.

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