Have You Tried Any of These Gender Prediction Tests?

One of my best friends is 16 weeks pregnant, which means that we are just a month away from getting to find out the gender of that little nugget — and I am not going to lie, I’m kind of dying with anticipation.

When I was pregnant, I was so excited about finding out our baby’s gender. It’s a big moment in life, and if you decide to find out, it is a really exciting guessing game leading up to the big appointment.


Tonight, my friend and I decided to look up some old wives’ tales about gender prediction and see what they predicted for her. Have you tried any of these fun games?
gender predictions for baby

1. The Chinese Gender Calculator (Legend says this test is over 700 years old!)

2. The Carrying Wives’ Tale (This old wives’ tale says women who carry high are expecting little ladies and women who carry low can expect little lads.)

3. The Beauty Wives’ Tale (This one jokes that little girls rob their mothers of their looks, so women experiencing acne or other skin issues can expect a little girl. And women experiencing dry hands and cold feet can expect a little boy.)

4. The Ring Test (This one is a popular one! It involves dangling your wedding ring over your belly and seeing which way it sways.)

5. The Heart Rate Test (This old wives’ tale predicts that babies with heart rates over 140 are likely to be girls.)

6. The Cravings Wives’ Tale (Since girls are said to be made of sugar and spice, this old wives’ tale predicts that you’ll have a little girl if you are craving sweets and a little boy if your craving salty foods.)

7. The Husband Wives’ Tale (This one guesses your baby’s gender based on your partner’s sympathy weight gain. HA!)

8. The Morning Sickness Wives’ Tale (This old wives’ tale claims that if you suffered from morning sickness, you’ve got pink in your future.)

9. The Key Test (This one was the most random, we thought. It predicts the baby’s gender based on how mom handles her keys.)

Did you do any of these fun tests when you were pregnant? Did they predict the gender correctly? Were your results split down the middle like ours?

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