6 Smart Things to Do with Your Child’s Leftover Halloween Candy

The fun dressing up part is over and you’ve gotten a ton of pictures. The costume is off, your little one is fast asleep, and you’re left with a plastic jack o’ lantern full of sweet treats. Now what?

At such a young age, your little one probably isn’t too keen on candy anyway. Besides, eating too many sweets is not be the best option for your little trick-or-treater’s delicate little chompers. Below are listed some great options to put that sugar stash to use… without sacrificing any of the fun!


1. Replace it.

No, not with more candy, but with some fun time with Mom or Dad. Have a picnic at the park or spend a nice quite afternoon in the library reading stories. The little one will hardly remember the candy after having such a soul-fulfilling day.

2. Trade it in.

Use the candy as “payment” for a special new toy or book.

3. Take it to work.

If you were successful with 1 or 2, you now have a stash of candy. Send it to work to share with your co-workers. It’ll probably be gone by lunch.

4. Get crafty.

If 1. or 2. didn’t fly, use the candy for crafts or projects. You probably have an awesome assortment that would work great for this year’s gingerbread houses.  Save yourself some cash later on supplies and use the leftover Halloween candy instead.

5. Reuse it.

Hit up Pinterest and find some awesome baking recipes that incorporate candy. Treat your little one  with a small portion, then share the rest with your neighbors. They’ll never suspect it was the same candy that they had just passed out.

6. Save it for “me time.”

Save the best pieces for yourself when you need to take a break for a little “me time.”

How do you use your leftover Halloween candy? 

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