Fun and Easy Chalkboard Month-by-Month Pregnancy Photos

When I found out I was pregnant, I was so excited to document the journey. I’ve always taken pregnancy pictures with each of my pregnancies, but this time I wanted to do something special. Chalk it up to Pinterest and its extensive pregnancy photo pins. I knew I didn’t want anything elaborate. Just something sweet and simple that would be easy to complete each month. I found the perfect little chalkboard that made it all possible. Notice how I wasn’t limited to one location with my fun and mobile chalkboard prop for my month-by-month pregnancy pictures.

  • Month 1

    Month 1

    Just days before I found the chalkboard, I thought I’d just hold up the corresponding number of fingers to document my progression.

    With San Francisco as my background, I started my pregnancy journey.

  • Month 2

    Month 2

    Just about to board the plane for my overseas stay with my in-laws in Palestine. With the hustle and bustle of trying to get through the airport, I was lucky to snag this picture in time.

    I relied on online photo editing programs to add the numbers.

  • Month 3

    Month 3

    Staying in Palestine for nearly 3 months, this image of me standing in front of The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem best captures that time of my pregnancy.

  • Month 4

    Month 4

    After my stay in Palestine, my awesome husband surprised me with my dream vacation! He booked a ticket for our entire family to visit Spain and Morocco.

    This picture was taken in Casablanca, Morocco.

  • Month 5

    Month 5

    Finally back home after months of traveling, my little baby bump begins to show.

    Taken in Monterey, California.

  • Month 6

    Month 6

    My baby bump makes it’s social media debut during month six.

    Having a personal blog, two Facebook pages, an Instagram account, and blogging on DisneyBaby, I have no idea how I was able to avoid sharing it for so long!

  • Month 7

    Month 7

    Somehow, month 7 slipped away without a proper chalkboard picture.

    Luckily, I was able to at least have a pregnancy picture from that month.

  • Month 8

    Just weeks before my due date, my family and I took a very spontaneous babymoon. My husband and I took our little family back to the same location we celebrated our first anniversary, Vancouver, Canada!

    The importance of a family babymoon

  • Month 9

    Month 9

    In the final stretch, we finally took the family pictures I had dreamed of taking for years! My husband suggested we wait until our little one joins, but I’m glad I decided to document this time in our family’s journey. Plus it gives us an excuse to take a new set of family pictures with our newest addition.

  • Due Today!

    Due Today!

    On my due date, I walked to the park with my girls. By the end of my walk, I found myself feeling very fatigued with what I was certain were contractions! Luckily my best friend’s house was only a block away. “This is it!” I told her.

    She quickly snapped this picture before we left back to my house to prepare for my home birth.

    False alarm! I ended up going 10 days past my due date!


Did you use props to document your pregnancy pictures?

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