Fruit and Milk Popsicles Recipe for Summer!

Memorial Day Weekend didn’t go as planned for us — it was sunny but not hot at all. In fact it was pretty cold and the winds didn’t help. I was really looking forward to seeing Little L in her new bathing suit and my preschooler drove me nuts asking when it would be hot enough to go to the pool. In the end I let him use his goggles and floaties in the bath tub. Poor guy, I’ve been promising him the pool fun for weeks!

What we did do however, and it’s something we’ve been making since he was a toddler —  was to make fruit and milk popsicles. They are super simple to make and even more yummy to eat! You can change the recipe depending on what you and your little ones like.

It’s getting hot out there and these fruity and milky pops are a great way to keep both mommy and toddler cool!

  • Yummy Fruit And Milk Popsicles

    Yummy Fruit And Milk Popsicles

    Super easy and even yummier to eat! What you need: popsicle tray/mold, 1 can of evaporated milk or light evaporated milk, 1 can of fruit nectar, handful of strawberries (cut into small pieces), 1/2 cup of skim or semi-skimmed milk and 1 or 2 very cute kiddies!

  • Choose A Yummy Fruit Nectar!

    Choose A Yummy Fruit Nectar!

    Start with a fruit nectar of your choice. I found Goya has a great selection of tropical flavors and the thicker consistency make the popsicles less icy and more creamy.

  • Helping Hands!

    Helping Hands!

    So you can’t let your baby help you, but the toddler will enjoy helping you pour and mix! It’s a great way to have fun in the kitchen — my little man has been helping me cook and bake since his baby days!

  • Berry Delicious!

    Berry Delicious!

    Grab a handful of strawberries or fruit of choice. Wash and cut into small pieces.

  • Mix Milk And Nectar

    Mix Milk And Nectar

    In a separate bowl pour nectar and add in cut up strawberries. Pour half a can of evaporated milk and stir well.

  • Creamy And Fruity Goodness!

    Creamy And Fruity Goodness!

    This where you can decide how much or how little you want to add in. Once the fruit, nectar and milk are in a bowl, have a quick taste. If the evaporated milk is too creamy for you, add a 1/2 cup of skim or semi-skimmed milk. Although you want it to be a bit creamy and not so icy tasting when it’s done.

  • Get Pouring!

    Get Pouring!

    With a large spoon or ladle, pour mix into the popsicle holders/mold. If there is extra you can pour into ice cube trays.

  • Ready For The Freezer

    Ready For The Freezer

    Once you have poured in the mix, cover and FREEZE!

  • To The FREEZER They Go!

    To The FREEZER They Go!

    Make sure to wipe excess milk and fruit from border so that cap goes down all of the way.

  • Almost Time!

    Almost Time!

    I always place them low and on a side freezer shelf. Leave to freeze overnight.

  • READY To Eat!

    READY To Eat!

    And finally…enjoy! Run warm water over top of the the popsicle tray to loosen them and enjoy. Let toddlers enjoy them outside near a sprinkler or hose, that way you can wash them down when they start to melt. They are super delicious and a great treat for mommy too!



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