From Peanut to Pumpkin: Our Baby’s Many Nicknames

Even though we picked out our son’s name with relative ease, that didn’t stop us from calling our little Judah “The Knish” the entire time I was pregnant. In the course of a single day, I might go through five or six different nicknames; it all depends on my mood – and his! Here’s my roundup of all the ridiculous nicknames we’ve given our son.

  • Hello, My Name Is... What?!

    Hello, My Name Is... What?!

    It’s hard to believe just how many nicknames we have for our little guy!

  • The Knish

    The Knish

    When I was pregnant, we joked that since we’re Jewish, we didn’t have a bun in the oven… we had a “knish” in the oven – and the name stuck!

  • The Kid

    The Kid

    We kept Judah’s name a secret until he was born. This drove his Pop Pop crazy, so he took to calling him “The Kid” until he got the official name.

  • My Little Warrior

    My Little Warrior

    As Judah battled 39 very long days in the NICU, he lived up to the meaning of his middle name: Takeshi, Japanese for “warrior.”

  • Peanut


    Even though he’s growing up so fast, he’s still our tiny peanut!

  • Dumplin


    Every time he’s wrapped up in his swaddle, I always call him my little Dumplin’.

  • Buddy


    More a habit of living in the Boston area, we often call him “Hey Buddy!” when he’s waking up from a nap or looking particularly dapper.

  • Pumpkin


    No idea where this nickname came from, but I call him Pumpkin (or Punkin) several times a day.

  • Chubba Chunkers

    Chubba Chunkers

    This nickname goes all the way back to Judah’s days in the NICU, when he first started to gain weight. I mean, just look at those chubba cheeks!

  • Sugar Plum

    Sugar Plum

    Anytime he’s got the sweetest look on his face, he’s immediately my little Sugar Plum.

  • Sweetie Pie

    Sweetie Pie

    Now that Judah has started smiling, he’s instantly become my little Sweetie Pie!

  • Snugglebug


    Judah loves to be held and loves to cuddle, especially after he eats. Snugglebug was the perfect nickname… and is probably my favorite right now!

What silly nicknames have you given your little one?

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