From Man Cave to Madison’s Room: A Nursery Reveal You Have to See to Believe

I recognize we had it pretty easy when we designed Judah’s nursery: the room was already painted blue and we decided it would be a space-themed nursery regardless of whether we were having a boy or a girl. I recently came across an amazing nursery transformation online of a what you’d call a “man cave” – beer posters, sports and fantasy figurines, the works – into a gorgeous, lovingly redesigned nursery for a baby girl named Madison who’s set to make her appearance any day now!

The nursery reveal was so dramatic I just had to reach out to soon-to-be Dad and Mom Kris and Jen S. to share this stunning transformation. Click through to watch this room go from macho man cave to an adorable, cozy girl’s nursery – made with love by her Daddy.

All photos used with permission from Kris & Jen S.

  • Seeing is Believing!

    Seeing is Believing!

    I’ve never seen such a dramatic transformation of a room before… and I know that as soon as Madison gets here, she’s going to love what her Daddy has done for her!

    Click through to see the dramatic reveal!

  • How Manly a Man Cave

    How Manly a Man Cave

    From beer ads, to figurines, to gym equipment, Kris had amassed quite the man cave. With his baby girl Madison on the way, it was time to wave goodbye to the man cave and welcome something sweet and lovely for his little girl.

  • Nesting Means the Man Cave Has to Go

    Nesting Means the Man Cave Has to Go

    Jen started dropping not-so-subtle hints that it was time to start work on the nursery by cleverly piling Madison’s baby things along Kris’s man cave couch.

  • Let's Start With the Walls

    Let's Start With the Walls

    First, Kris pulled down all of his macho man cave wall decor.

  • Let the Demo Work Begin

    Let the Demo Work Begin

    Once everything came off the walls, it was time to really get to work.

  • Goodbye Carpet

    Goodbye Carpet

    Kris pulled up the carpet, repainted the walls and cut and put up his own gorgeous wainscoting (the white trim along the bottom half of the walls).

  • Goodbye Windows

    Goodbye Windows

    Kris replaced the 30-year old single pane windows that let in too much light and heat with more eco-friendly modern options.

  • An Old Dresser Becomes...

    An Old Dresser Becomes...

    Kris’s grandfather bought this dress in the 1950s as a wedding gift to his wife. Having held onto it for all these years without a real purpose, Kris hatched a plan to sand it down and turn it into something special for his daughter…

  • A Pretty New Dresser Just for Madison!

    A Pretty New Dresser Just for Madison!

    After two days of sanding it down by hand, Kris applied four coats of spray paint to achieve the perfect look. The color of the handles is Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Gloss Candy Pink.

  • Hand Stenciled Name Sign

    Hand Stenciled Name Sign

    Not only did Kris hand paint each letter, he simply used painter’s tape to make the intricate chevron stencils!

  • DIY Lighting

    DIY Lighting

    Kris affixed some multicolored LED strip lights he bought on eBay to the back of each letter.

  • Coming Together

    Coming Together

    A perfectly coordinated crib bedding set in shades and patterns of pink hues.

  • Pretty in Pink

    Pretty in Pink

    As Kris puts it: “It’s real now.”

  • Gentle Pink and Gray Styling

    Gentle Pink and Gray Styling

    From a pretty framed nursery print, to the soft grey couch and matching pillows, the nursery exudes serenity and calm.

  • A Perfectly Pink Closet

    A Perfectly Pink Closet

    I love the pink curtains and the coordinating pink storage bins in the storage cube bookshelf – they match wonderfully with Kris’s refurbished dresser.

  • Her Name in Lights

    Her Name in Lights

    With the DIY stenciling and lighting complete, Kris turns on his daughter’s beautiful handmade name sign.

  • Home Sweet Home!

    Home Sweet Home!

    A nursery perfect for any baby girl. What a beautiful labor of love.

    Wishing all the best to Kris and Jen as they welcome baby Madison any day now!

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