Bibs That Will Last from Babyhood to Toddlerhood… and Beyond!

Lately I’ve been sorting through Elvie’s things, trying to decide what we can still use, what I want to keep for memory’s sake, and what needs to be passed along to someone else. It’s surprised me how many of things that we used for her as a baby, we are still using now. There are even things that we still keep in the diaper bag that have been there almost since the beginning of our days together.

This is especially true of bibs. We have a few different kinds that we use, depending on the situation, but the most versatile type is the waterproof wipe-clean variety. To tuck it away in the diaper bag, I like it to be compact. The Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse SuperBibs from Bumkins are just perfect for this.


These bibs are lightweight, but they still catch dribbles and spills beautifully, and you can either wipe them clean or toss them in the washer if it’s a bigger mess. I love the classic designs – since this is an item that will be used for a long time, I like a design that I won’t get tired of, and that my toddler will like when now that she is old enough to notice.

Both the Mickey Mouse Bumkins Waterproof Superbib and the Minnie Mouse Waterproof Superbib are available from at a price that will allow you to stock up. If you want a bib that will last you from first solids through toddlerhood, and beyond, this is an excellent choice.

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