Friday Date Night with Baby

Like many parents, Friday nights are my chance to unwind from the busy week. I put my phone and my computer away, put my pajamas on soon after I put my girls down for bed, and love to lay in my bed and relax. Sometimes that’s hard to do with a baby, especially one that doesn’t have a routine yet.

Sick Cuddle Boy

When Macks was born, my Friday nights started to look a little bit different. Rather than relaxing by myself, I had a baby in my arms that needed my attention for most of the night. Even with two other kids, adjusting to having very little time for yourself can take some getting used to. But as much as I loved my Friday night routine from before Macks, I knew I could enjoy Friday nights even more with him.


In an effort to still unwind from my week, I decided to take advantage of the time with Macks and made Friday night our official date night. It’s our uninterrupted time with just the two of us. I dim the lights in my bedroom, get Macks ready for bed and have some bonding time with him. Although he’s too young to understand, I hope that as he becomes older, he really appreciates our time together.

While most of our day is spent together, the craziness of our daily routine often gets in the way of real togetherness. Our date night is a time together with nothing else going on except for mom and baby time. Sometimes we cuddle, sometimes I give him a baby massage, and other nights we will just sit and babble to one another. No matter what we are doing, I cherish every single second of it spent together.

I never thought that Friday nights with a new baby could be relaxing, but my date night with Macks is a perfect ending to a long week!

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