6 Pieces of Advice for New Mamas

Things that made me nervous as a new mom don’t make me nervous anymore. So much has changed in four years.

As a new mom, I second-guessed myself, had little confidence in my decisions, and most of the time felt like I was always asking all of my mom friends for advice and help.

The third time around, it is a whole new ballgame. I want to encourage you new moms. You new dads. It gets so much easier! As time goes on, you will settle into this new role. You will be confident that you are the mama and you know what is best for your child.

You will get in your groove & you will soar!

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    This is for You...

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    Everyone Feels Unsure

    You’re doing a great job! Give yourself grace and know that everyone feels unsure at times in the beginning. I felt so unsure the first time and now as a third-time new mom, I am more confident in my ways.

  • you know best

    You Know Best

    You will get so much advice as a new parent. When I was a new mama, I didn’t anticipate how overwhelmed I would be by the the advice! Slowly I started to realize that I am the mama and I know what is best for my own baby. All babies are so different!

  • Eating

    You'll Figure Out the Whole Eating Thing

    I can remember worrying about eating! Are they eating enough, are they hungry? The third time I was able to rest easy… that baby will tell you when it’s hungry!

  • Can I give them each the love & attention that they need & deserve?

    You DO Have Enough Love

    I think once we start expanding our families this is a natural question to ask. And the answer is yes! You can be intentional with each baby and fill up each love tank accordingly!

  • Will the older one be jealous?

    Don't Assume Your Older Child Will Be Jealous

    I have been through this a few times now and each time my older child has lovingly welcomed the new baby into our family and made the transition lovely! Rest easy…. you are giving your child a new best friend!

  • do I have what it takes?

    Yes, You Have What It Takes

    Before I have given birth each time, I have asked myself this question. Do I have what it takes? And the answer is, you do! You are taking on a hard and rewarding job, and you absolutely have what it takes. Don’t second-guess yourself or fall into the “mama guilt”. You are super woman!

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