5 Tips for Expecting Mamas

If you are pregnant with your first baby, the love and joy that you are about to experience is unexplainable. You will, for the first time, experience an amount of love for another person that is absolutely incredible. Congrats!


expecting1While it’s exciting, it’s also an uncertain time. As a new, first-time mama, there are five tips that I wish that I had known before, that I now can pass on to you now as a mama of three. I am excited to share them with you here today!

1. Take the advice with a grain of salt. All of the unsolicited advice doesn’t stop once the baby is born. Just be confident that you are the mama and that you know best! Shrug it off and take everything with a grain of salt.

2. Figure out where to splurge. There are things on your list that you might not actually need (despite what everyone says). Splurge more on a few fun outfits and a few great blankets!

3. Don’t let anyone rush you to share the baby. It’s perfectly fine if you are a bit uneasy sharing your baby at first. This is all so new and you have to figure out what you feel comfortable with along the way. Don’t let anyone rush you!

4. Remember, it’s okay. It’s going to be okay. All those new mama worries and thoughts will slow down and you will settle into this new, beautiful role!

5. Know that you’re in for a beautiful ride. I knew that my life would forever change… I just didn’t realize the magnitude of that beforehand. Your life will forever change. The way you love, the way you feel, the way you live. You are in for a beautiful ride!

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