Flying Henry: The Dreamy Fantasy Book For Infants & Toddlers

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When camera meets baby, magic happens and in Rachel Hulin’s case that magic was miraculous.

Flying Henry is a new book geared towards infants and toddlers. The first edition was released in March 2013 and it has already sold out (a few copies can be found on! The publisher is in the midst of printing the second edition and I’m quite confident that it too will fly off the shelves.

Henry’s flying adventures will capture the hearts and imaginations of babies, children and adults of all ages. The photographs are charming, whimsical and oh so dreamy!

Instead of me dishing all the details I thought it would be better coming from the creative author herself! You can read the interview below and click through the slideshow to witness the magic for yourself!

  • Kitchen Flight

    Kitchen Flight

    “Photographed at my in-laws house on Long Island, Henry was getting used to flying by now.”

    Click through for a sneak preview of some of the amazing shots found in “Finding Henry”!

  • Hotel Flight

    Hotel Flight

    “This was the first flying image I shot, when Henry was about 6 months old. It was at a hotel in Princeton where I was photographing a wedding.”

  • Hall Flight

    Hall Flight

    “Another early image, White Hall is one of my favorites for its simplicity. I always thought Henry seemed very angelic in it.”

  • Shower Flight

    Shower Flight

    “I thought Henry was very balletic in this one. Photographed at a farm in Vermont.”

  • Farm Flight

    Farm Flight

    “Also in Vermont, it was a freezing winter day when I shot this one, so we kept it short.”

  • Rainy Day Flight

    Rainy Day Flight

    “The first flying image to take on a sense of adventure, Umbrella was made behind our house on a dreary day.”

  • Cow Flight

    Cow Flight

    “Henry called the cows “dog dogs.”

  • Cape Flight

    Cape Flight

    “Cape came together on a hill in Connecticut, with my mom as my assistant. The cape was originally just a picnic blanket; the cape concept emerged after the shoot.”

  • Garden Flight

    Garden Flight

    “I sought out a topiary garden in Rhode Island for this shot. Originally it was meant to be spooky (think Jumanji,) but ended up more magical.”

  • Parking Lot Flight

    Parking Lot Flight

    “We didn’t hang around long in this abandoned lot!”

  • Wagon Flight

    Wagon Flight

    “This one required a few components….”

  • Wedding Reception Flight

    Wedding Reception Flight

    “Luckily my sister-in-law got married and let us borrow her set.”

  • Lawnmower Flight

    Lawnmower Flight

    “This one was probably the most fun for Henry, who loves all things with wheels.”

  • Fair Flight

    Fair Flight

    “This was a magical concept that came together in post production…”

  • Pool Flight

    Pool Flight

    “One of my favorites. We borrow a spectacular backyard in Long Island.”

  • Group Flight

    Group Flight

    “Not as difficult to make as it looks, we gathered all the babies present at my husband’s birthday party and flew them one by one.”

  • Flight of the Scholar

    Flight of the Scholar

    “Taken at the local library, I didn’t want to disturb the patrons, so we were in and out in five minutes.”

  • Brick House Flight

    Brick House Flight

    “Another early flight, setting up the narrative of Henry becoming interested in the wide world around him.”

  • Halloween Flight

    Halloween Flight

    “The last image made for the book, Henry was almost too old for flying.”

  • How Did They Do It?

    How Did They Do It?

    Photography magic! ;)

Q: Where did you come up with the idea for this incredibly creative concept?


A: “It really came out of the blue! My husband used to “fly” Henry above his head before bathtime at about six month old, and Henry was just delighted by it (see attached picture). In looking back at the pictures, I thought it would be really interesting to take out the parent, to see Henry fly on his own. It snowballed from there! The project started as a comment on parenthood– about the magic of babies and the whole experience, and turned into an adventure story about Henry.”

Q: How long did it take for you to photograph the individual shots?

A: “From start to finish, the project took about a year. Each shoot was super short– we kept it quick so Henry would find it fun– maybe ten minutes max. I’d find the location and set up the scenario first, and then put Henry is at the last minute. Because of the speedy process, there were many images that didn’t make the cut.”

Q: From what I understand the first edition has already sold out, congratulations! Where can we purchase a copy of “Flying Henry”?

A: “Yes! There was great demand right off the bat, so we’re printing another edition, which will be in stores in about a month. There are still a few copies available on Amazon, and you’ll also be able to pre-order the next edition through them.”

Q: Can we look forward to more fun from Flying Henry in the near future or are there any plans for a second book of similar nature?

A: “I think Henry is done flying for now– he’s two and a half and much too big! But I’m sure there will be more adventures to come. I have a few ideas in the hopper, and he has a sister on the way– she might have a few flights herself.”

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