5 Reasons to Love Instagram as a Mom

I love Instagram. I find it is ideal to tell a story by capturing simple snapshots of your life, show off your latest look, or give your followers a sneak peek into your experiences.


However, I have jokingly renamed Instagram “Babygram.” This app lets parents capture special moments happening daily and instantly share them. Some of you may be old pros, while others are just getting on board. And now with the new Instavideo option, the baby fun is just endless. Every morning when I check my Instagram feed, there are a string of videos of laughing and smiley babies which just brighten up my day!

Here are my top 5 reasons to love Instagram… I mean… Babygram!

1. Without realizing it, you are most likely capturing a picture of your baby each day! You can now see all of your images on your computer and save them if you wanted to do a year in the life of your baby.

2. Even if pictures are not the best quality, you can turn them into artsy snaps by blurring the edges and using filters.

3. Not only can you post your picture to Instagram, but you can quickly email, share to Facebook or Twitter for those not following you.

4. Instavideo! You can now do 15-second videos all in one go or in parts. Hold to record. Let go. Then press again to get a different shot. So simple, and a great way to tell your story!

5. If you are a blogger, it gives your readers and followers a different view of your life, one that you may not share on your blog. I know that I don’t post much about my children, but I am certainly guilty of BABYGRAMMING way too much!

What about you? Have you experience the magic of Insta/Babygram?


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