First Birthday: Adalia’s Snow White Party

There’s something about reaching baby’s first birthday that makes parents want to jump for joy and high-five everyone they meet. When each of my babies turned one I just kept saying, “We made it! We survived the first year!” It seems fitting that we take all that enthusiasm of reaching this very important milestone and turn it into a great and fun party. That’s what Elienai did when her adorable baby girl, Adalia, turned one. They went with a Snow White theme, a classic Disney favorite, and put a lot of DIY work into it.

  • Snow White Adalia

    Snow White Adalia

    How cute is Adalia in her Snow White dress?!

  • Goodie Bags

    Goodie Bags

    These goodie bags for the children were made by Adalia’s mom and grandma.

  • Fun Masks

    Fun Masks

    The kids also had masks they could wear for fun. All seven dwarves were represented.

  • The Food

    The Food

    The main course consisted of cous cous salad and sandwiches (made with Cuban bread because it’s delicious).

  • The Sweets

    The Sweets

    Elienai’s aunt owns her own business specializing in making treats for parties. She provided all the yummy desserts.

  • The Details

    The Details

    A close-up of some of the cute details that made this party special.

  • The Centerpieces

    These came from a free download courtesy of Mighty Delighty.

    Mighty Delighty

  • The Cake Table

    The Cake Table

    Again, the cake was lovingly made by Elienai’s aunt.

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