Finding the Perfect Holiday Tree for Our Family

Living in a small space with two kids has challenged me in many ways, and one of the big ways is how to decorate for holidays. We don’t have a ton of extra space, so for a lot of our decor, we utilize bits of shelf space, windows, and even the light fixture over our kitchen table. No matter the occasion, we always manage to make it look festive, and the kids love it.

Our biggest challenge of all has been finding a spot for our Christmas tree each year. In our current place in particular, there’s really nothing we can move to fit in a full-size tree. Big city living means small amounts of storage space, so I can’t even move out an end table or an extra chair to make room. The compromise we’ve come to is that we can get a small, potted tree, and then put it on our window seats in the front window. Last year, we had a cute little spruce, and this year we intended to do the same, but then our plans took a turn for the unexpected. When it came right down to it, none of us were really jazzed about a spruce tree, but there was another kind of tree that we all got excited about. Click through the photos to find out what we chose and why.

  • What kind of tree IS that?

    What kind of tree IS that?

    It’s not an evergreen, but it is quite fragrant, and it makes us feel festive.

  • This isn't the spruce section, that's for sure.

    This isn't the spruce section, that's for sure.

    Our tradition is to walk to a nearby nursery to choose a tree. Elvie fell asleep on the way, and when she woke up, she was in the middle of a bunch of trees that were most definitely not the usual Christmas variety. She looked a bit confused, but soon warmed up to our plans.

  • Are those lemons?

    Are those lemons?

    They are! Our holiday tree came with some of its own ornaments this year. When we talked about our holiday tree, we realized that if we were going to get a potted tree, we’d like to get something that we all could enjoy the whole year through. We’d been wanting a citrus tree, and the lemon trees looked amazing.

  • No matter what kind of tree you get, it can be decorated.

    No matter what kind of tree you get, it can be decorated.

    This year the kids got to do most of the decorating. Elvie handed over garland and ornaments, and Zinashi and a friend placed everything on the tree. In the end, it looked very festive, and couldn’t be mistaken for anything other than a holiday tree.

  • The aroma fills the house.

    The aroma fills the house.

    Just like with an evergreen tree, the aroma of our holiday tree fills our home. This is the season for lemon trees to blossom and produce fruit, and the sweet scent of the lemon blossoms fills our space.

  • The best part? LEMONS!

    The best part? LEMONS!

    We have been picking the fruit from our tree as each lemon ripens, and we have had plenty of food and drinks featuring lemon. Elvie’s favorite was lemon chicken.

  • Even though it's different, we can still gather around it for holiday fun.

    Even though it's different, we can still gather around it for holiday fun.

    We are having a wonderful time enjoying our lemon tree, and we treat it just like any other holiday tree. We turn off the lights at night to sit in the glow of the Christmas tree lights, and when we have holiday fun, we gather around our tree. It may be unusual, but it’s perfect for us this year.

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