Feeling Good in My Skin Again

One of the more challenging parts of dealing with postpartum healing that I found, is learning to feel good in my skin again. Your body goes through so much being pregnant and giving birth, everything is geared towards making a baby. Watching my body change and grow during pregnancy was surreal, exciting, and definitely weird at times. I was always in awe of the fact that my body was creating and sustaining life. It truly is incredible! But after birth, it was a hard recovery. It took all of those 6-8 weeks to get better and start to feel a little more like myself again.


I think there is often a pressure to get back to your pre-baby weight. If it wasn’t coming from outside sources, it was definitely stuck in my subconscious. I just longed for my old body again, for the way I felt when I wasn’t pregnant–for the energy, for the clear mind, and to actually be able to button up my favorite pair of jeans. ;) Although this has been something I continue to struggle with, I’m learning that I need to be patient, and that it’s OK. I’m accepting the fact that my body went through so much, and that it needs time.

I’m doing good things for myself, like working on being more active and eating healthy foods. Now I just need to be patient, embrace my new curves, and know that my stretch marks will heal one day and that my body is beautiful. It’s beautiful because it made an amazing little human, and it’s beautiful because it’s mine. I choose to be thankful for this body that created life, rather than pressure myself to be what I was before my body became a mom. I choose to be comfortable in my skin.

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