What to Know About Feeding Your Baby at Disney Parks

Grabbing a bite to eat at Disney parks is easy enough for adults, yet you still might be wondering what you’ll be able to feed your baby. Naturally, Disney has families in mind, so feeding your baby a healthy meal while on vacation will be problem-free! Disney parks have a wide variety of food choices and snacks, including restaurant dining that’s appropriate for babies. Here’s what you need to know about feeding your baby at Disney parks, including what to bring, where to eat, and how to choose meals for your baby.

What to Bring With You

Is your baby still in the baby food stage and not yet eating table food? You can absolutely bring your own baby food with you into the Disney parks. Though guests are permitted to tote baby food in glass jars, consider the type that is packaged in plastic tubs instead. They will be lighter weight and less likely to break. Pack Baby’s snacks too, including crackers and pre-cut fresh fruit.

Don’t forget the usual meal time provisions as well, including a sippy cup, disposable bibs, and disposable plastic table covers. You might want to bring your own baby feeding spoons, but you can also find disposable plastic spoons at any quick service location. Include a few bottles of water in your diaper bag so Baby will have plenty to keep her hydrated!

Make Use of the Baby Care Center

What happens if you run out of baby food or snacks for your little one? You can purchase these items at the Baby Care Centers located inside each of the Disney parks. During a visit to the Baby Care Center, you’ll see that there are places to breastfeed and rock Baby, warm food inside a microwave, and feed Baby in a high chair.

A Range of Restaurant Dining Options


Children are welcome at all Disney parks restaurants, though some may prove to be more suitable than others. All restaurants will have high chairs available. Depending upon your baby’s temperament (and his ability to sit through a long meal!) you might prefer casual quick service dining over an extended meal at a full-service restaurant.

Be sure to take a peek at the menu ahead of time so you’ll know if there will be something to eat that Baby will enjoy. You may request an extra plate at any dining location and share your meal with your baby. Its okay to make special requests when ordering at a full service restaurant if you want a dish prepared in a particular way (i.e.: no salt, sauces on the side, etc). You can also often ask for an “a la carte” item to serve Baby (like fresh fruit or steamed veggies) even if it’s not on the menu and the chefs will do their best to make these accommodations for you.

If Baby has a hearty appetite, consider buffet dining. While dining at a buffet with any child two and under, you may make them their own plate of food without charge! Read this post on character dining, and why it may be the best choice for restaurant dining at a Disney park with Baby.

Meals That Are Baby Approved

Quick service and full service dining restaurants at Disney parks offer both toddler and kid’s meals. These dining options are intended for older babies that are accustomed to table food. Dishes may include kid-approved foods like cheesy macaroni, squeezable applesauce, pizza or chicken. Note that many kid’s meals include raw veggies or fruit instead of French fries, unless requested otherwise.

If you want to feed Baby the most nutritious option, look for the Mickey Check on the Disney parks menu. These meals include healthier choices like whole grains, fresh fruit, and lean protein in a balanced meal.

Some of the information in this post may have changed after this writing. Please visit Disneyland or Walt Disney World online, or Disney Parks Moms Panel to confirm current policies.

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