Favorite Instagrams from Lola’s 10th Month

Last week, Lola turned 11 months old. And now here we are in what is the final month of my baby’s first year. As I said earlier this month when I shared photos from Month 9: “A part of you is thankful that your little one is healthy and growing, and that their little body is doing everything it is supposed to. And then there is a part of you who pines for that wrinkly newborn…” That still describes the way I feel perfectly.

While I take in all of the magical things happening in this little lady’s life now, I still like to revisit all of the things that happened leading up to the now. Month 10 was filled with some special moments, and I am sure the remainder of Month 11 will have some special things in store for us as well. Here are 15 favorite photos from Lola’s 10th month:

  • Favorite Instagrams from Lola's 10th Month

    Favorite Instagrams from Lola's 10th Month

    Take a look at some of my favorite Instagram photos from Lola’s 10th month!

  • Grassy toes

    Grassy toes

    Lola experiencing the grass on her toes.

  • A little taste

    A little taste

    Taken with an actual camera, this photo is of Lola tasting a churro.

  • Stray foot

    Stray foot

    What a lot of our mornings look like due to us having a somewhat rough sleeper on our hands.

  • Swinging


    Lola swinging at the park.

  • Baby legs

    Baby legs

    Rolls and rolls.

  • Us girls

    Us girls

    A photo of me and my girls.

  • Sister love

    Sister love

    I love the moments shared between these two sisters.

  • Sandy toes

    Sandy toes

    I took this photo on the camera but it was too cute not to post.

  • Sleeping


    My sleeping angel.

  • Story time

    Story time

    Reading one of her big sister’s old books.

  • Waiting for stray cheerios

    Waiting for stray cheerios

    Since Lola started eating some snacks on her own our pup Stella started spending more time under Lola’s high chair.

  • Aquarium


    A day at the aquarium with these two and their nana will be one of my most favorite summer memories.

  • Glasses


    Playing with big sister’s toy glasses.

  • Pouty face

    Pouty face

    Even her pouty face is too cute!

  • In big sister's arms

    Summer has lent for many sweet moments like this one.

    See more photos of Lola on my Instagram @hismrshermr

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