Some of My Favorite Instagram Moments

Instagram is probably my favorite social media platform. I am an artist and an extremely visual person. I love following people that inspire me.

My Instagram is a place where I love to share my daily life. I love to capture the little moments, the little joys living with three littles.

This is a slideshow of some of my favorite Instagram moments!

  • favorites from last week

    Some Instagram Favorites

  • sleeping beauty

    Sleeping Beauty

    I love watching my little ones sleep. Something about their peaceful slumber captures my heart day after day. This is my sweet Ainsleigh down for a nap. Doesn’t she look like an angel?

  • big brother, baby sis

    Big Brother, Baby Sis

    I am completely smitten with this photo! This is my darling Aiden being kind and gentle to his “littlest” sister. He is such a fabulous big brother and capturing moments like this are a tiny way that I am able to “bottle it up” forever.

  • snuggle bug

    Snuggle Bug

    My cute Apple Lucy hanging out in her crib. I am thinking she may be teething…notice the hands!

  • snack time

    Snack Time

    Snack time is a daily activity with my two toddlers. I love capturing the “everyday” life so that years from now I can look back on all of the little moments.

  • it's chilly here!

    It's Chilly Here

    It’s chilly here! We love playing outside but have had to really bundle up to head down to the park or to play out back!

  • daddy


    I love capturing sweet moments of my husband with our babies. Melts my heart every time.

  • family walk

    Family Walk

    We have a beautiful park at the end of our street, and walking down to it is something that we love to do as a family! We play on the playground, swing and feed the ducks!

  • hugs


    I love this sweet capture. My girl running in for a hug at the park! LOVE!

  • learn.


    Spending time learning, painting and reading is really important in our home. This picture is of my sweet Aiden sorting fruits by color!

  • perfection


    Is there anything sweeter than a little baby to snuggle with? My sweet Apple is just the best.

  • morning light

    Morning Light

    I often wonder how many pictures I have captured over the past three years of my babies sleeping. This is a sweet moment of the morning light peeking through on my Ainsleigh Kate.

  • puppy snuggles

    Puppy Snuggles

    My kiddos adore our dogs! I have countless pictures of them each with our sweet pups! This is my little Ellie hanging out with Apple! Pure sweetness!

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