Father’s Day Footprint Step Stool

Once upon a time, when I first started blogging, I pretended to be crafty. 

I whipped up my own unique recipes, I scoured the World Wide Web for projects I could write tutorials on, and I even, horror of horrors, attempted food photography. (Hint: chocolate muffins aren’t always appetizing if you photograph them at the wrong angle…)

But eventually, I gave up, because, really who was I fooling? I am no craft blogger, my friends, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an appreciation for fun and simple DIY projects every now and then. I would wager that probably about twice a year, I am struck with the creative itch and want to make something just for the fun of it.

Which is why, when I saw this simple step stool project idea on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to try it. And luckily for me, it makes the perfect Father’s Day present!

Father’s Day Footprint Step Stool DIY

Step 1: Find an old step stool. I kept my eyes peeled at garage sales before I found this one that fit perfectly in our bathroom. I paid a whopping $1 for it!


Step 2: Spray paint. Spray paint is our friend for transforming old into new, right? I coated my old step stool with two layers of black spray paint to make it fresh and new.

Step 3: Gather the children. This, of course, is the worst part. Having done this project once, I will tell you that there are two schools of thought for getting `er done. Firstly, you could do as I did and coat the children’s feet, then press the step stool to them, much like I describe in my newborn footprint post. Alternatively, if the kids are older, you could simply have them step in the paint, and then step directly on the stool, being careful to avoid any smudges or drips.

Step 4: Rinse, dry, and repeat. By rinse, of course, I mean rinse off the children and by dry, of course, I mean all involved parties and the step stool itself. You could also add some embellishment to the stool, like a year or children’s names after you have placed the prints.

Step 5: Seal. Once the paint has dried, seal the step soap with 1-2 coats of a clear enamel spray paint. This is important, especially if your stool will get a lot of use, like mine, and in the bathroom with tons of water dripping from little hands.

And that’s it–a simple craft that even the most craft-challenged amongst us can complete. (Ahem.) And I happen to love that it’s meaningful and captures the fleeting moments of when our kids’ feet were that cute and little.

Now, if I can only figure out a way to squeeze our fourth baby’s footprint onto there for next year, we will be all set…


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