To the 7 Great Men in My Child’s Life

When we told my mother-in-law we were having a girl, she was happy, but admitted she was used to boys. She had had three boys, and had helped raise her two younger brothers. However, the second she laid eyes on Little L, her “boys only” thoughts went straight out the door — she was in love.

And the same went for my father-in-law. He was used to his boys, but the look on his face when he held Little L for the first time was priceless. And it was the same for all of the men in Little L’s life. Men who are not used to showing much emotion just melted when they saw her. My brother, my father, even my HUSBAND (who was actually nervous about having a girl) and my brothers-in-law. One by one, they all fell under Little L’s spell and couldn’t get over her mega-cuteness. I suppose it’s that special charm we females possess — she just started early!

Little L and I want to say GRACIAS to all of the men in her life — we know that each of them will play a special part and we hope that this is just the beginning of great things to come. And to the “younger” ones… Little L wants some cousins!

  • No one more special than her BROTHER!

    No one is more special than her BROTHER!

    Little L ADORES her brother M. She gets right in there to hug and roll around with him. She may be little but she is just as tough. And if Papi is in the mix, even better. She is such a little princess!

  • Little L and her <i>abuelito!</i>

    Little L and her abuelito!

    Her “tata” (that’s what we call my father) takes his role as abuelito very seriously. Comes in, washes his hands, sits comfortably on the sofa, and then takes her in his arms.

  • Her big and strong <i>tío!</i>

    Her big and strong tío!

    Tío (or uncle) Tomás is big and strong and can carry her with one arm. We can’t wait until he gets married in October and can give Little L some new friends!

  • Uncle Jeff!

    Uncle Jeff!

    Fun Uncle Jeff got very serious when he held Little L — and now he’s getting ready to welcome his own little lady in October. We can’t wait to meet the new family member!

  • Grandpa time!

    Grandpa time!

    One thing is for sure — Little L’s blue eyes are thanks to Grandpa!

  • Godfather duties

    Godfather duties

    I fully expected my brother and sister-in-law to be excited about being godparents to Little L, but I didn’t expect Uncle Brad to go shopping and choose cute clothes for her, too. We made a great choice with him as Godfather, and we know that she already loves her Uncle Brad!

  • Only Papi!

    Only Papi!

    At nearly 7 months, Little L ADORES her papi. He walks into the room and she starts to flap her arms and kick her feet. I love watching my husband hold his darling girl and I can’t wait to witness more father-daughter moments.

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