Farewell to Elvie’s Babyhood, and Farewell to Disney Baby

This month, Elvie turned two, and while she still retains some babyish habits, I have to admit that our baby days are over. We are full on into toddlerhood and all that lies beyond. Most days, I can’t believe that it all flew by so quickly. I look back at the photos from the beginning, and I compare them to the little girl who is sprawling out on my bed in the morning, taking over my entire pillow, and I think, “Impossible!” But of course it is not impossible, and I have records in so many places that it wasn’t all just a very fast-moving dream. One of the reasons, among many others, that I have loved writing for the Disney Baby blog is that I have been able to record our special moments with Elvie one more place, to share her amazing story with even more people. But now those days have come to a close. My farewell to Elvie’s babyhood also means a farewell to the Disney Baby blog.


It has truly been a joy and a pleasure to write for the Disney Baby blog. I joined other amazing parents, from whom I have learned so much, and I heard from a lot of you readers. You have cheered Elvie on as she has grown and gotten through two hard but extraordinary years of her life. I am beyond grateful for the connections I have made because of my writing here, for all the extra good thoughts and wishes and prayers sent out into the universe for our Elvie. It wouldn’t have been the same without all of you along for the ride.

Thank you all for reading. Thank you for commenting and for stopping by our family blog to say hello and that you were thinking of Elvie. I am grateful that I have been able to write part of Elvie’s story for you right here. When I think of Disney, the first things that come to mind are happiness and magic. There has been plenty of both right here on the Disney Baby blog and within the Disney Baby community. I’ll miss writing for you here, and I hope that you will continue to be part of the happiness and magic that is Elvie’s story by stopping by our family blog or Facebook page from time to time to catch up. It means the world to me and to my little family that you have followed along with our story thus far. Thank you, truly, from the bottom of my heart.

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