How We Enjoy Family Music Time

I have always loved music. I played several instruments growing up and listened to music all the time. My husband plays the guitar, and when he was younger, he played with a few different bands.

musicWe want to pass down a love for music to our kids, so we have regular family music time.

One of the little drawers in the kids’ toy chest is filled with little toy instruments. Isabel loves the maracas and Liam is partial to the recorder. I usually grab a tambourine and my husband leads us in a song. (Okay, so we don’t sound great, but we’re not horrible either.)

Liam’s favorite song to perform together is what he refers to as “the lion song” — the one that Timon and Pumbaa sing with Simba in The Lion King.

“In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight…”

It’s adorable. Liam has already mentioned that he would like to get a guitar when he grows up “like Papi.” He also wants a drum set, but I think we’ll hold off on that one…because…LOUD.

What activity does your family enjoy doing together?

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