Exploring New Territory

A couple of weeks ago, Jada decided to do something that I wasn’t prepared for. I’m not sure why I thought she would wait until I was ready.  Wishful thinking, I guess. Anyway, I watched Jada carefully climb out of her crib like a crib-climbing expert, and I was in shock.

I didn’t expect this because I really don’t recall my son trying to escape his crib at just 17 months. But what I found even more shocking than the timing of it all is how Jada climbed out of her crib with such remarkable skill. She assessed the situation, positioned her body, and skillfully made her way out, landing on her feet. She didn’t even fall on her bottom. I knew this meant I was now in trouble, but still, I was impressed.


Since Jada’s impressive feat, life has changed. What was once a place I could put her to play if I needed to run to the bathroom or go grab something has become a place where she only sleeps. I mean, sure, that’s what a crib is for, but it was useful when I needed a bathroom break.

The epic “climb” has also made me realize how quickly Jada is growing up. Before I know it she will be walking up and down the stairs and crawling will be a thing of the past. Soon, she will want to use a “big kid” cup with a straw and her need for sippy cups will be out the window. In the blink of an eye she’ll be using the potty on her own and diapers won’t be needed (I’m not sad about this one).

So now, we prepare to enter a new phase with our little girl, realizing that so much happens in 17 months and our precious little angel is ready to explore new things. It’s exciting—scary, but excited.

And as we enter these warmer months, we have a few family trips in mind that the kids will enjoy a lot. I think I better pack the right stuff so I’m prepared for both Jada and her brother to climb all over anything they get their cute little hands on. After all, anything worth exploring is worth climbing, right?

We welcome spring, look forward to summer, and are ready to explore new territory every step of the way. It’s the only way to live and be happy.

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