Explore Sight, Touch, and Smell with Sensory Slime!

We are in the midst of a huge snowstorm here. We got about 8 inches just yesterday, and there’s more snow on its way this week! With the girls and I cooped up inside, I thought it would be fun to make some sensory slime. It was a huge hit with the girls and will definitely be making an appearance in our home more often! With just a few supplies, you and your littles can have a blast exploring these funky textures, colors, sights, and smells! Here’s what you need…
2 boxes of cornstarch
2-4 C of water
Food coloring
Essential oils or extracts
First, pour each box of cornstarch into its own bowl. I just made 2 different colors (pink and purple) of sensory slime, but you could certainly make more! Sprinkle each mound of corn starch with glitter, about 1 tablespoon per batch. In a measuring cup, combine 3-4 drops of food coloring, a few drops of essential oils/extracts,  and 1-2 C of water. Because Valentine’s Day is coming up, we used strawberry and cherry extract. You could leave these out, of course, but it does make for a fun “smelly-good” sensory activity. Pour the water mixture into the bowl, then let your kidlets go to town! My girls were a bit timid at first, but once I showed them how to mix it all up with their hands, they dove right in. The cornstarch is really cool as you can ball it up, then watch it turn into slime. If your slime seems to thick or powdery, just add more water. You could also use spoons, measuring cups, and other kitchen gadgets to pour, transfer, scoop, dig, etc. By the end of our messy time, the girls (okay, and the table and floor) were covered in Sensory Slime. To clean up the mess, simply wipe with a wet rag. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.

*Although the clean up is super easy, this is a pretty messy project, so I had the girls do this in their bottoms only. That way, we didn’t have to worry about food coloring stains or laundry.
Happy mess-making!

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