Baby Z Explores the Local Library for a Fun-Filled Day

In our house, Library Day is the best day of the month. My older daughters stuff our library tote with as many books as their arms can carry, with the overflow spilling out into the stroller’s basket. Baby Z is also a huge fan of our local libraries. She’s free to explore the aisles and reading rooms, while I follow close behind. Though she’s far from reading, she delights in all the books that surround her. Different colors, shapes, sizes, and weights of books to carry and chew. Thank goodness for those wipeable book covers!

Our local library has a lovely children’s section that is baby-friendly. Board books, wooden puzzles, and itty-bitty chairs are available for the little bookworms. Definitely one of our favorite places to visit since it has something for everyone. I can leaf through a cookbook while the girls can scan thousands of potential bedtime stories. Zaynab is the happiest one of all as just about everything in the library is magical to her. Click through to follow Baby Z around our library, enjoying it just like any baby would!

  • Library Day With Baby Z

    Library Day With Baby Z

    Baby Z knows that a library is a great place for babies! Click through for more fun moments.

  • Play On!

    Play On!

    Zaynab’s first stop is always the table with the toys. Many babies are also seated around, enjoying all of the playthings generously provided by the library.

  • Grab a Basket

    Grab a Basket

    Babies love to load things into baskets. Books and toys made their way into this one during our visit.

  • Making a Selection

    Making a Selection

    Books at her height all the way around the room, make selecting books a breeze for this little gal.

  • Best Seat

    Best Seat

    The most sought after seat in the children’s reading area is the rocking chair. Seeing it vacant, Baby Z sprung for the opportunity. She climbed up all on her own. Good job, Zaynab!

  • Reading Time

    Reading Time

    Rocking out with a good book.

  • Read to Me

    Read to Me

    Jenin joins Zaynab on the rocking chair for some sisterly bonding time over a story. So sweet!

  • Time to Play

    Time to Play

    Zaynab’s plans for the day: Play, read, play, play, run, climb, read, play. Oh, the day in the life of a baby.

  • For the Love of Books

    For the Love of Books

    She loves books so much, she could kiss them!

    Such a funny girl with all her silly faces.

  • Hello, Friend

    Hello, Friend

    Baby Z finds a pal her size to play with in the library.

    “Come here often? Mommy read you any good books lately?”

  • Lots of Books

    Lots of Books

    A tote overflowing with this month’s bedtime stories take Baby Z’s place in the stroller. Good thing she’s a walker!

  • Between the Pages

    Between the Pages

    Reaching high up for a book just out of reach. So determined!

  • Up, Up, Up

    Up, Up, Up

    “Mama, look how tall I am now!”

    Zaynab always has a blast with these step stools scattered through the library. Climb up, climb down, repeat.

  • Fun for Baby

    Fun for Baby

    Our local libraries host wonderful events for children of all ages, including babies! A great opportunity to engage and delight your baby. Ask your librarian about events in your library.

  • Baby Zzzzz

    Baby Zzzzz

    So much fun and exploring left my little bookworm sleepy. She dozed off after reading her choice of book.

  • Droping Hints

    Droping Hints

    At home, the girls empty the tote of all the library books in search of the one they want to read first.

    I think Zaynab is trying to tell me something with her choice. Uh-oh!


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