Exercising a Toddler’s 5 Senses Through Baking

My toddler tends to find a variety of activities engaging and entertaining. However, it’s when I exercise all of her five senses that I find she enjoys the activity the most. Sight, sound, smell, touch, and best of all, taste! It’s all very exciting and keeps her interested from beginning to end.

  • Baking With Toddlers

    Baking With Toddlers

    Engage and entertain your toddler through baking by exercising their 5 senses.

  • Sound


    Have your toddler listen to the whirring sound of the spinning mixer paddle. Just make sure your toddler is not close to the moving machine!

  • Sight


    So much to see! Watching the flour being sprinkled onto the surface, seeing the dough change shape under the roller, the shapes of the cookie cutters!

  • Touch


    Allow your toddler to squish the dough between their fingers, run their fingers over the floured table, feel the weight of the roller, and explore the different shapes of the cookie cutters.

  • Smell


    There is no sweeter smell than freshly baking cookies in the oven. Even as their cooling on the rack, your toddler can take in the heavenly aroma!

  • Taste


    The most enjoyable sense of them all! After all that hard work and sensory play, treat your toddler to a delicious and beautiful homemade cookie.

    Cookie cutters by Salaam Designs.

Does your toddler love to bake?


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