Europe Through the Eyes of a 16-Month-Old

A month ago, my family and I enjoyed a trip to Germany, France, and Italy. We did indeed take Beck, who was at that time 16 months old. I know, we’re crazy. I’m saving the travel tips I learned for another post, but for now I’d just like to share some photos of a toddler transplanted to halfway across the world.

While we enjoyed the historical sites, Beck enjoyed the benches. While we enjoyed the museums, Beck enjoyed the pamphlets. While we enjoyed the authentic food, Beck enjoyed fruit snacks brought from home. I had to laugh when going through the photos to see Europe through Beck’s eyes.

  • Piazza Walking Practice

    Piazza Walking Practice

    Beck took his first steps in the airport in Paris so had to practice his newly attained skills when we landed in Rome. The uneven surface wasn’t the most conducive to a smooth trek.

  • Playground


    When we actually came across a playground (a rare occurrence), we thought Beck would be ecstatic. Instead of playing, he just perched himself on a bench and stared at the other kids.

  • First Train Ride

    First Train Ride

    The first train ride we took was from Dusseldorf to Cologne. Beck was entranced by looking out the window. I wish every train ride had gone so smoothly.

  • Bumpy Ride

    Bumpy Ride

    We could often hear Beck making noises simply to hear his voice vibrate while riding on the bumpy streets.

  • Castle


    Beck wasn’t too excited about visting a castle. He tried to jump out of our arms the entire time and scoot his way through the ruins.

  • Musée de l'Orangerie

    Musée de l'Orangerie

    Beck was more entertained by the museum brochure than anything by Monet. Although it helped us enjoy the museum in peace.

  • Paris to Cherbourg

    Paris to Cherbourg

    Even the iPad couldn’t distract him from trying to scoot his way quickly down the train aisles.

  • Carousel Watching

    Carousel Watching

    I’m pretty sure he would have sat on that bench all day just watching the carousel if we would have let him.

  • Horse Drawn Carriage

    Horse Drawn Carriage

    Another instance where the site we were seeing wasn’t as interesting as what was outside. He was requesting a horse drawn carriage ride instead of a tour of the Pantheon at this point.

  • Toy Store

    Toy Store

    I knew actually going inside the store would turn into a tantrum so I just let him look through the window for as long as he wanted.

  • Tourist Attraction

    Tourist Attraction

    One of the funniest incidents was when this lady from Korea approached us and asked if she could take a picture with Beck because he was so cute. He was really confused.

  • Grandpa


    Midway through our trip, we stayed with my parents in France. Beck loved the change of pace and getting spoiled by his grandpa and grandma.

  • Aquarium


    We did a make a special detour to the aquarium since we knew Beck would love it. He learned how to say fish.

  • Fountains


    Beck would “oohh and “ahhh” over every single fountain. He would try to jump in if we weren’t watching him carefully.

  • First Carousel Ride

    First Carousel Ride

    If Beck was a little older and understood the question, he would probably say this was his favorite part of the entire trip. He said “wow” the entire time it was moving.

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