Establishing Traditions with Your Baby

I had a handful of traditions I lived and loved throughout my childhood – summer adventures with watermelon-dripped tank tops and bare feet, pizza sleepovers with cousins, donut holes on Sunday mornings. And although it will be a few years before Bee is ready to start her own traditions, I treasure the idea of setting a few in motion while she’s still young. Here are a few we’ve incorporated into our family days:

baby on bench


Books-n-Berries: Books used to be just a bedtime affair, but lately Bee’s been showing interest in reading more and more (which makes this bookwork mama smile!). When we hit a lull in the afternoon, I tell Bee it’s time for Books-n-Berries, which means we break open a container of blueberries, raspberries or blackberries and pop one into our mouths for every page we read. It’s a fun way to teach her to count and to boost her blood sugar with something healthy.

Nature Walk: On weekends, we’ve been hitting the neighborhood playground much more frequently. Instead of driving the short 5 minutes, Bee and I take a shortcut (a “nature walk”) to gather leaves, sticks and dandelions. It takes longer to stop and contemplate our nature finds, but it keeps her mind busy and I love that she’s learning about the beauty in the journey. The playground destination is just icing on the cake!

Coffee Date: Our local coffee shop has a kid’s room in the back where mothers can visit while their babies play underfoot (genius!). Bee and I make the trek every Sunday afternoon for some mama/daughter time where we split a smoothie and play with toys, read books or watch the other children. I love the idea of carrying on this tradition when she’s older, only instead of playing in the kid’s room, we’ll be sitting at a table chatting about school, work or [gasp!] babies of her own!

Tell me, what are some “traditions” you keep with your baby? I’d love to hear!

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