Epic MESSY Playdate: Great Ideas for a Fun Afternoon

My girls LOVE making messes. But let’s be honest, I do not always love it. In fact, most of the time, I’m trying to AVOID making messes. Deep down, I know that making a mess and getting dirty is really fun. Playing like that lets a child’s imagination run wild and builds their creativity. So sometimes, messy play is a necessity! With a few friends and their tots, create an EPIC messy playdate using these fun ideas…

  • Let's get MESSY!

    Let's get MESSY!

    Click through to see all of the DIY messy activities to do with your little one!

  • Fly Swatter Painting

    Fly Swatter Painting

    Such a fun way to paint! Hang up a plain white sheet and let your little ones paint with a fly swatter!

  • Shaving Cream Tub

    Shaving Cream Tub

    This looks like SO much fun! Fill a baby pool with shaving cream for an amazing, messy time for older kids!

  • Jell-O Sensory Bin

    Jell-O Sensory Bin

    Let your little one squish their toes through a bin filled with colorful Jell-O!

  • Oobleck Play

    Oobleck Play

    Make your own oobleck and let your little ones get covered in it! Such a fun (& slimy) activity!

  • Shaving Cream Slide

    Shaving Cream Slide

    What’s more fun than a regular slide? One that’s covered in shaving cream! Hold tight to your toddler — it sure is slippery!

  • Cloud Dough Ice Cream Shop

    Cloud Dough Ice Cream Shop

    Fill a pool with homemade cloud dough to create a fun sensory activity for the kiddos!

  • Transportation Painting

    Transportation Painting

    Instead of using paint brushes, paint with cars and trucks. This activity will be a hit!

  • So much fun!

    So much fun!

    Messy play is always more fun with lots of friends!

  • Make memories!

    Make memories!

    A playdate like this will be one to remember!

  • Pure joy!

    Pure joy!

    Your babe will experience the best of childhood fun!

  • Kiddo Carwash

    Kiddo Carwash

    For an easy clean-up, build a DIY carwash for the kids to run through!

Messy playdate photos via Liza Trumbower

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