Enjoying the Warm Up: Favorite Pics of the Month

Many of us pushed our way through a pretty brutal winter, patiently waiting for warmer days to come. Those days are now here, and we are definitely eager to enjoy them. This warm weather is especially magical for me because at this time last year Jada wasn’t even walking yet. Now, to see her run through the grass with pure delight – well, that is just priceless.

Jada is now 19 months old, and although I am a tiny bit sad about how fast she is growing, I am so excited to see all the things she can now do. We have a lot of exploring to do this summer.

On a warm, breezy day, with just the right amount of clouds in the sky, there is nothing better than hearing your little one giggle while she enjoys every ray of sunshine. I firmly believe that every season brings its own sense of magic, and right now my entire family is soaking up all the magic that spring has to offer. 

  • Backyard Fun

    Backyard Fun

    Nothing is better than fun outdoors during a family cookout. Talk about the perfect day.

  • Visit to the National Aquarium

    Visit to the National Aquarium

    Jada visits the National Aquarium with her brother and they have a ball.

  • Kickin' It With Some Shades

    Kickin' It With Some Shades

    With her Minnie Mouse top and her Doc McStuffins shades, Jada can’t go wrong as she prepares to head out with me for a stroll through our neighborhood.

  • Indoor Rainforest

    Indoor Rainforest

    Jada visits the rainforest section of the National Aquarium, where we see moneys and parrots. Very cool.

  • B & O Railroad Museum

    B & O Railroad Museum

    Jada enjoyed the giant trains as we made our way through the railroad museum on this perfectly sunny day.

  • Fun at the Mall

    Fun at the Mall

    Nothing like a few rides on the cool truck at the mall while mommy and daddy shop for spring clothes.

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