Enjoying the Magic of Dance

We don’t care if it’s hip-hop, rhythm and blues, pop, rock, or gospel — when we hear a good beat in my home (or outside the home), we start to dance. And do you know who often kicks things off with a steady head bob? It’s our littlest family member, Jada. At 22 months, this little girl can move, and dancing has become one of her favorite things to do.

As a parent, what I love most about her love of dancing is the fact that dancing has so many benefits. It’s good for the spirit and adds joy to your life. It’s also good for your body and is arguably one of the most joy-producing forms of exercise out there. And dancing also encourages creativity. As far as I see it, everyone on earth should be dancing his or her butts off everyday. Don’t you think so?


And what makes our moments of dancing so magical is how everyone joins in. Even my mother, who is still recovering from a stroke, starts to bop her head and shake her shoulders when Jada starts to move around the house. There is something about a dancing baby that makes everyone want to get up and move.

I will admit that I am not the best dancer. It’s clear that my daughter inherited her dance moves from her dad. But when I dance with her, it doesn’t matter what my skills are like. We just turn the music up and show off our best moves.

Sometimes I can be upstairs cleaning and all I hear is loud music and a bunch of laughter in my basement. It’s the sound of my kids dancing with their dad. They can be down there for 45 minutes and when they come back upstairs, everyone looks exhausted and the kids can’t wait to tell me about the “dance party” they just had with Dad. It really is awesome.

I definitely encourage every parent out there to take some time (every day if possible), turn the music up, and have a blast with your kids. It’s a stress reliever, a weight loss method, a fun creator, and a magic maker. It’s also pretty darn good for the your kids and your soul. I know it sure is good for mine.


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