How to Enjoy the Outdoors with Little Ones

The hardest things for me to do after my babies are born is to rest and to stand still. I easily get tired of being indoors and yearn to see sunshine. There is always something to do, to see and to experience, in my opinion. When I am told that I have to wait six weeks to get the approval to be active, I simply get antsy.

But once it was okay to be active again with my third baby, I was actually super anxious about going outdoors with THREE children. It seemed like a huge task, because not only did I have an extra child to deal with, but I had more things to take with me on every outing. Yet, I was determined not to let it stress me.

One thing I make sure to do is to only take two bags with me at the most. But usually I carry one, which is a diaper bag that can hold a small purse and every need three children might have – diapers, drinks, extra pairs of clothing, bibs, and a nursing cover. I try to stuff as much as possible in order to prevent looking like a bag lady.


Another thing that helps me enjoy the outdoors is a trusty stroller. While my toddlers haven’t been in a stroller for several months, I now find one really helpful – and not just for the baby. I’m able to place extra items and under the stroller, and mine even has a hook where I can hang my diaper bag. The baby is snug and safe while I can keep tabs on my toddlers running around.

Snacks also turn out to be lifesavers when Mommy is trying to relax outdoors. If I make the mistake of forgetting snacks, it is very difficult to get kids to concentrate. Usually I pack a lunch before leaving home in order to prevent any meltdowns. My kids are always hungry and thirsty, so being prepared is better than being sorry.

And, I have started leaving extra items in the car to make sure I don’t forget things. Diapers and wipes are the biggest issue, but I also like keeping toys in the trunk of the car that the girls can use at different parks. Sometimes it just seems like such a hassle to get these details in order, but once they are done, we often have wonderful days outdoors.

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