Encouraging Speech in Our One Year Old

One thing that we can never deny about our sweet Bay is that he is a serious jabber mouth. He is the most talkative little one. Most of the time he just mumbles off a bunch of baby talk, but he does like to surprise us and throw in an actual word or two. In fact, he has quite the vocabulary of real words also. We get a lot of questions about how we encourage him to use his words. It’s always fun to explain the fun ways we like to encourage it.

We don’t claim to be baby speech whisperers. I’m not even sure that the things that we do to encourage speech are all that spot on, but it works for our family. And it is always fun to share parenthood wisdom with others in the hopes that it can, in some way, help them too.

Here are a few simple ways we encourage Baylor to use his words:


Little to no baby talk – Notice I said “little.” We do every now and then like to indulge in baby-like fun but we try to always speak clearly when trying to explain things to him.

Articulate everything – Even the smallest of things I try to explain it to Bay. Open and close. Outside and inside. Everyday chores. Explain it all. Introduce them to as many words as you can.

Turn it into a song – Seems silly but it really seems to work for us! Baylor really resonates with song so when I explain things to him or I am trying to get him to learn a new word we simply sing it and he picks up on it much faster.

Read books – We read A LOT. Find a book that your little really likes. Read it everyday. Before you know it, your little will be showing you pictures in the book and telling you what it is. That is my favorite.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat – Let me say it again. Repeat! Repeat everything. If baby shows an interest in something, explain it to them. Repeat it. Over and over. This works really well for us.


These are the things that really work for our family. What do you do to encourage speech in your little one?

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