Encouraging Exploration

Now that Soren is 2 months old, Jon and I have been exploring ways we can interact with Soren and encourage his development. Within the past week or two, Soren has become more aware of his world and curious about the things around him. We’ve been taking this opportunity to show him new colors, feelings and sounds. We love finding toys that have all of these elements!

My favorite thing to do with Soren is take his little hand and let him feel different textures. I also love moving toys in front of his face for him to follow and focus on. It’s so wonderful to actively watch him learn. I can’t wait until he starts grasping his toys and really interacting with them!

We have been loving this adorable Finding Nemo Activity Toy. It includes sweet chime and rattle noises, fun, bright colors, and our favorite, different textures for him to feel and chew on. :)

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