Embracing the Unexpected: What My Son’s Birth Taught Me

When I was pregnant with Baylor I was a nut for researching birth plans, birth stories, and anything to do with what would happen during labor and delivery. I wanted to be as educated as possible, as I’m sure every first time mom does. I created a birth plan that was tailored to what my husband and I wanted to experience during the birth of our first son. I was so proud of it and adamant of going by it completely. Little did I know, my little man and my body had other plans.

The birth stories that I read always seemed magical and like they went exactly as planned. Don’t get me wrong, Baylor’s birth was nothing short of magical but it definitely did not go as I had hoped. I had pretty common guidelines in my birth plan like a quiet, dim room, no induction, no epidural, skin-to-skin/breastfeeding directly after birth, and my husband staying with baby at all times after he was born if anything happened with me during the birth.

Here is what I learned:


It is better to have an easy going attitude when it comes to your birth plan versus what might actually happen in the delivery room. I completely stressed myself out when it came to going by word for word what I had in my birth plan. I read it every day. I was so scared of giving birth and I felt like if I was in control of the situation I wouldn’t be so scared. Haha!

Ask questions. Every prenatal appointment that I went to I always asked a ton of questions just to make sure my doctor and I were on the same page when it came to the delivery. Looking back I wish I would have asked questions about what would happen if complications were to arise, etc, etc.

Have a back-up plan. Account for the things that might not go right.

Stand up for what you want. If you think that something is happening in the delivery room that you don’t want, and it’s unnecessary, say something. Remember this is your body and your baby. Keep your support system near and make sure they know what you want also.

My biggest lesson after experiencing giving birth to my baby was:

Always expect the unexpected. 95% of what I had in my birth plan didn’t happen. And that was ok. In the end my baby came out safe and sound!


If you can’t tell by now, I ended up having a C-section and most of my birth plan is now something that I have no clue about. The day my son was born was such a whirlwind. Nothing went as planned. I knew basically what a C-section was but I had no idea what the recovery would be like and especially didn’t know how to prepare for it. I cried. My worst fears came true. In the end, it was all fine. When you are in the situation we were in you don’t have time to dwell on what goes wrong. You just have to act on it. When I put together my birth plan I wanted it to be an amazing experience. Even though nothing went as planned, it was still an amazing experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. After all, I got the most precious gift out of it.

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