Embracing My Morning

One of my favorite scriptures speaks to the fact that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. And it does. No matter what challenges my family is faced with, our joy always comes. Most often it comes in the form of our two children who are without a doubt, morning people. My youngest is a burst of sunshine each time she wakes up.

Just like her big sister, she is my morning.

To say that I am not a morning person is putting it lightly. I arise thankful for another chance to go through life with my loved ones, but I also arise a little irritable, tired (yes, I wake up still tired!) and sometimes anxious about the tasks that lie before me. And then I see her, the sweet slumbering angel that came into my life and changed it, literally altering the trajectory of our family. Lola has given all of us something extra to look forward to each day. When each of us wake up, we find ourselves looking for her. Drawn to her. Some mornings we will all be huddled around her waiting for her eyes to open. Waiting for them to meet ours.


Other mornings I just sit and I stare. I get lost in the sounds of her breaths and watch her chest rise and fall. I gaze and the way her lips pucker together, her pacifier beside her ready to be found when she rises. I get lost in every part of her – her eyelashes and tightly coiled curls, those fingers and toes. And I wait, because I know now that it is morning and the slightest sound, whether it be her sister’s whispers or me uttering a goodbye as Daddy heads out the door, will cause her to pop up like a burst of sunshine beaming through the window.

She will sit up and smile the biggest smile — a mixture of gums sprinkled with baby teeth and joy. And she will remind me why mornings are among the sweetest parts of my day. Because most often the light that stems forth from my babies outshines the exhaustion and irritability. It is enough to remind me that we will get through whatever the day presents us with. My joy ever-present.

We cuddle, we laugh and giggle, and I make room. I open my heart to receive all the love that is placed before me each and every day. I am so grateful that my children embrace the morning the way they do. And I am especially grateful that I get to spend the first moments of mine, embracing them.

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