Elvie’s 5 Favorite Ways to Make Busy Days Fun

Lately our little family has been incredibly busy. In advance of traveling at the end of September, we are trying to tie up a lot of loose ends and prepare for Elvie’s first international vacation. It seems like every day there’s a to-do list a mile long, and most of the time I spend with the kids is spent in appointments and running errands. This doesn’t always spell out FUN for my toddler, at least not in an obvious way. But I’m a big believer in keeping things fun even when there seems to be a lack of time or energy for it. There are so many little things that can be worked into our day to make what might be a boring, yet productive, day into a fun productive day. Here are five ways I’ve made our busy days fun that are always a hit with Elvie.

  • Making the Busy Days Fun

    Making the Busy Days Fun

    It’s easier than you might think. No need to be elaborate – just find fun along the way.

  • Try on sunglasses.

    Try on sunglasses.

    This one is a winner regardless of who is along – we all try on the sunglasses and grin at one another. No matter what errands we have to do, there is almost always a shop we need to go into that has at least a small selection of sunglasses. Making a quick stop to try some on is a mood lifter and is most definitely fun.

  • Grab a special snack.

    Grab a special snack.

    Snacks are easy to eat on the go, and I’m always able to find something that is out of the ordinary. Whether it’s a fruit rope or a warm chocolate chip cookie, I always get a grin when I hand it over.

  • Have a lunch picnic.

    Have a lunch picnic.

    While snacks can be eaten on the go, lunch is a bit tougher. I can’t hand Elvie lunch to eat in her stroller, so we have to pause for it, whether we are at home or out and about. When we are out, I’ll look for a pretty or interesting place to sit and eat, and if we are at home, Elvie gets a huge kick out of being allowed to eat her food sitting with us on the floor instead of in her high chair at the table.

  • Get out of the stroller.

    Get out of the stroller.

    When Elvie is getting restless, sometimes the most fun thing for her is to be able to get out of the stroller and push it for a bit. She gets a nice leg stretch and also ends up getting lots of greetings and smiles as she proudly pushes the stroller. Even if it’s just five minutes, she’s happy.

  • Find a surprise trinket.

    Find a surprise trinket.

    When I’m getting ready for all of us to leave the house, I’ll toss a small toy or necklace that Elvie hasn’t seen (or hasn’t seen for awhile) in my bag. I hide it in the zippered pocket of my bag, and when she opens it up to try to find my wallet, TA-DA! When I do this, she looks at me with wide eyes and a big smile, like she can’t believe her good fortune.

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